Among food, science and wellbeing

Behind the scenes of production of PRI.MA.'s aromatic essences, research and projects of innovation are being given constant attention. These are the fruit of "natural interactions" between the world of food and other possible "universes" of similar affinity. 

Here, the term "food" means health, wellbeing, emotion, dreams, and curiosity. This is how the PRI.MA. research project came into being: a journey to explore the relationship between food, mind and body: a path to understanding how the brain creates taste perception and how this positively influences memory and emotion. 


With a cutting edge team of biologists, nutritionists and chefs we explore new frontiers of taste by starting with concepts "dearest" to neurogastronomy.


Beyond classical aromatic essential oils.
The difference is in the extraction.


What sets PRI.MA. aromas apart? The "difference" is the extraction method: evaporation, condensation and recirculation.

Going beyond common aromatic essential oils, exceeding the traditional limits tied to, for example, instability at certain temperatures that would render them unpalatable.

PRI.MA. actually stands for the quintessence of taste! We start with essential oils that are naturally extracted through streams of vapor; we mix them with alcohol and mineral salts extracted from the plant. This mixture then boils at a low temperature (in a vacuum), evaporates and condenses in continuous circulation. What we obtain is the quintessence of the nutrient, of its taste and flavor.


The PRI.MA. brand shows two upturned glasses representing the unequivocal process of circulation. Moreover, through the addition of natural antioxidants, the PRI.MA. quintessence achieves a cooking stability to a temperature of up to 300° !




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