BLOW-MIND cioccolato bianco alla Quintessenza Pri.Ma. Arancia, crumble Quintessenza Pri.Ma. Cannella, gel di fragola alla Quintessenza Pri.Ma. Basilico

di Tiziano Mita


Quality, wholesomeness and sustainability.


All essential oils at the “heart” of PRI.MA. essences possess the BIO and SOIL ASSOCIATION FOOD ORGANIC certification, ensuring the utmost quality, wholesomeness and sustainability of the “prime materials” that are selected for the production process.

Certification - ICEA

GMP Certified

Facility- SGS


Soil Association

Food Organic

Neurogastronomy is an interdisciplinary science which explores the brain's behavior in relation to foods. Among its fathers, Gordon Shepherd, professor of Neurobiology at Yale Medical School and member of the Society of Neurogastronomy. The study and production of PRI.MA. aromatic essences takes from this approach starting by analyzing how some specific neurotransmitters within the brain are triggered upon ingesting foods of differing flavors.


For example, what takes place when we eat a dish to which we have essence of lemon balm added?

We relax, our mood lifts, our general wellbeing improves.


PRI.MA. wishes to blaze trails barely trodden on by neurogastronomy and combine the strengths in the flavors of its own quintessences with health and wellbeing. PRI.MA., the passepartout that frames the discovery of sublime synesthetic pleasures.


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